Air Freight

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Air Freight

The operation has been built around understanding the client’s requirements and offering a full logistics package delivered by knowledgeable staff.

Our proactive approach ensures continuity of service and enables us to maintain a long-term relationship with our customers. To be a dependable feature in our customers’ business and an extension to their shipping department is what keeps our business moving forward.

We offer airport to airport service depending on the country’s regulations and requirements for goods to be exported or imported.

Airfreight quote

Require the airport name(s) and City(ies)/Airport(s) code of load

Require the airport name(s) and City(ies)/Airport(s) code of the delivery

Description of goods

Number of pieces

Weight in KG

Length (centimetres)

Width (centimetres)

Height (centimetres)

Airfreight services terminate at the destination airport where local handling & customs charges may apply If you require delivery to door at the destination you will need an International Courier quotes.

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